Love in a broken world

The marvelous mystery of God’s love for his creatures is beyond amazing. Even out of the Garden of Eden, when his covenant with Adam and Eve became broken, his love followed them–and to us today.

Our Lord, the infinite God and creator of the universe, is desirous to have a relationship with each of us and sent His beloved son to pave the way for that union.

Some would say that Jesus only died for a designated few and not for all. On the other hand, the Bible clearly speaks to the outward grief of Jesus as well as the Apostle Paul toward the lost and unbelieving. Through God’s grace, salvation has appeared “to all men” (Titus 2:11). Jesus is the Lamb of God who “takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29; 1 John 2:2). Truly, God is not willing for “any to perish” (2 Peter 3:9).

God’s love extends to the entire world and He wants all to be saved, but He will force no one to yield to His plan. He knows not everyone will believe nor seek to accept his Son and the riches of His glory, but the invitation is open for all to receive.

Our great father in heaven is all about giving. He gave His only begotten Son, who, in turn, gave His life, in order that we may have abundant life—in Him.

In our finite minds, we attempt to comprehend the depth of an infinite God whose ways are not our ways. To fathom the depth of His love will likely take an eternity. And for all who have come to a saving knowledge of Jesus, we will have that opportunity.

Culture Wars

The world has been from the beginning of time a place where self seeks predominance. Love of self began in the Garden with the serpent tempting Eve to become a self-seeker and deny God’s commandment. So the battle continues today to gain its ground.

Cultural clashing of one group over another is more than ideologies butting up against each other. It’s not just about civil unrest vs. civility, racial fairness vs. inequality. It’s about man’s idea that he wants to take the reins of power upon himself and live, rule, and dictate toward these same ends. This is not love.

In the midst of cultural warfare, there is but one weapon that needs to be used. It’s God’s truth shared in love. God has given us the capacity to love through the power of his Holy Spirit. If man were to take his cues from the Almighty maker of heaven and earth through his Word, these wars would cease.

”For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities… against powers… rulers of the darkness of this world.” Ephesians 6:12 (KJV).

We need to arm ourselves with the strongest weapon we own—the power of God’s Word.

The fallen ones…

This Memorial Day, we honor the thousands of veterans who’ve sacrificed so much for our country. We thank them for their heroic efforts to ensure the safe keeping of our land and its liberty. We salute every one of you for your great strides to keep our nation whole.

America, the land of the free, is a concept our founding fathers brought forth on this continent that all men should be free from tyranny. They acknowledged our Creator as God—the one who created us all equally—and thus paving the way for America to become a nation of liberty and freedom.

There’s also one other who made the ultimate sacrifice so we can be free. Our savior, Jesus Christ. The price he paid was the willing sacrifice of his own life in the most excruciating manner there could ever be. Not just the cruelty of the Roman cross but the beating, scourging, and mocking, along with the weight of our sin. Because we as a people sinned from the beginning, Jesus came to take our place in death and to bear all of our sin, so we can be free from its bondage. Truly, we are only completely free in Jesus.

Consider the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus and those of our Vets this Memorial Day and pray that God will allow our nation to continue in the manner the founding fathers designed.

Thank you, Lord, that we have liberty to worship you in this great land because of the sacrificial efforts of so many, the greatest being your son. May God continue to bless the USA, the greatest nation on God’s earth.

Finding one’s way

We all know someone who’s left for the far country. Seeking to find oneself, a wanderer will travel far and wide. Some may choose to travel even to the ends of the earth in search for what delights. The treks are as individual as each poor soul who wanders away… down the long, often tortuous, path. Searching and still not finding what’s being sought, the traveler desperately seeks to assuage his longings while inevitably missing the antidote.

In Luke 15, the Prodigal son yearns for such a life. He takes his portion of inheritance money from his father and heads out for the unpromised land of living a worldly life, high on the hog. One day, he’s literally face-to-face with swine and while hungry, laments over who’s got the better meal.

The son soon realizes his sad state and seeks to go back home. He sees the error of his ways and comes to understand his sin before his father. But even before the son travels back, while still on his way, the father sees him. The welcoming arms of the father are as wide as the east is from the west—the Lord’s measurement for how far he chooses not to remember our sins any longer.

How many of us have traveled the wrong paths seeking the tinsel instead of the gold? The word tells us we “reap what we sow.” Sow to the flesh, there is death and destruction; sow to the spirit, there is life. Abundant life.

By the grace of God, the spirit of the Prodigal son may not be in us, but for those who are wandering, please know that your journey will come to an end. What you’re looking for will never be found… unless, of course, you are looking for Jesus.

A mother’s love

There’s something special about a mother, and today, Mother’s Day, we lift up our mothers in praise and gratitude for all they are and do. As we grow by the hand of a loving mother, we don’t always appreciate or even see the extent of her love. Little things often go unnoticed until the day arrives when we look back and the picture comes clearly into focus.

A mother’s love extends far and wide, often exceeding her own needs or concerns. Sacrificially, she’ll hold back from herself even the last morsel if her child is still hungry, lend her only dollar, drive to the ends of the earth, or stay awake through the night, if necessary. She’ll do almost anything for the welfare of her offspring.

There are no heights or depths to a mother’s compassion; her generosity knows no bounds. Day in, day out, she’s there through every up or down, good or bad thing to encourage and advise. Being a mother is a volunteer job that doesn’t start at eight o’clock and end at five. No time clocks to punch or paychecks to receive. Her responsibilities are 24/7. She gives and gives until it’s time to give again.

Today, all mothers, including our grand, foster, and surrogate moms are being celebrated. You are a blessing to your children and they are blessed to call you Mother. You are God’s special gift to this world. Next to Jesus, there is no other love like a mother’s. Whether here on earth or at home with the Lord, we remember you today and every day with our love and utmost thanks.

My mother and grandmother.