On building bridges… and walls

It seems the Pope–all comfy in the fortress of the Vatican–has a few words for America–specifically, our President upon his first visit.

“We should build bridges… not walls” is the message Pope Francis is giving.

I would dare to contradict the man with all due respect and venture to say he’s a Communist and a short-sighted one as well.

Mr. Pope, America has built bridges. We are the country that has helped, supported, undergirded, and basically opened our doors for the world to enter. We are the role model for the globe and an example of what true freedom and liberty are all about, but for us not to have any borders, boundaries or legality in our immigration process, it is akin to indulgence which leads to a wanton disregard for the exact freedoms we wish to uphold.


Something to Cherish

America, the land of the free and home of the brave, is a concept our founding fathers brought forth on this continent that all men should be free. Their acknowledgement of our Creator as being the one who bestowed our lives to us all equally has paved the way for America to be a free nation.

On this coming Memorial Day—the time when we give honor to the thousands of men who sacrificed so much for our freedom–we acknowledge the sacrifice of the men who fought to maintain it.

There’s one other who made the ultimate sacrifice so we can be free. Jesus himself. The price He paid for his sacrifice was his life. Because we as a people sinned from the beginning, God provided an escape for the damnation that sin caused. Messiah Jesus “The Anointed One” came to take our place in death and to bear all of our sin so we can be free.

Consider the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus and those of our Vets this Memorial Day and pray that God will allow our nation to continue as the founding fathers designed it to be.

May God continue to bless America.


A Mother’s Memory

Mother’s Day , the day we commemorate our mothers, is celebrated in May and is coming up this weekend, May 14th. The day to honor motherhood and the maternal bonds is celebrated the world over.

Proverbs 31 depicts a wise mother…“Strength and dignity are her clothing and she laughs at the time to come. She opens her mouth with wisdom and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children rise up and call her blessed…”

On this special day, we give honor to them as they’ve been the backbone of our society through their role as a homemaker, teacher, provider, protector, and sometimes, best friend.

My mother was all of the above, and I thank God for the mother I was given.

Speaking of Art

The Arts are essential.

An education in the Arts is necessary to the fundamental growth of human beings and the human spirit. Encouraging children and students to participate in the Arts fosters an appreciation for humanity, our place in the world, and our culture.

It’s been documented that students who are involved in the Arts in school become more well-rounded individuals. The Arts engage and expand a child’s mind, allowing for an open and expanded outlook on life and one’s relationship to others and the world. Without the Arts, life wouldn’t be what it is today.

While the Arts are important on several levels, it’s not necessarily something in which the US government needs to have a hand. In the past, the government has funded much of the Arts; however, with our new leadership, there are programs that will need to be eliminated in an effort to reign in spending. Our federal deficit is astronomical and there’s going to be some pain involved when the coffers shrink. The Arts is one of those programs.

While no one wants to see the Arts go by the wayside in schools, it’s time to re-think how the funding is to be supplied in an effort to continue the benefits to future generations. Perhaps those who benefit the most from the Arts; i.e., Hollywood and others, could help sustain this vital discipline through their own contributions instead of having the government supply our every need.

The government has been Mommy for too long.

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Gift of Light

Gift of Light


     “The earth is the Lord’s

     and the fullness thereof.”

Morning opens

in glory each dawn

when ribbons of gold

untie the shadows.

Dew glistens the dales

where silver waters stream

at the foot of mountains

rising in the blush of day.

Joy lends to the offering

through the laughter of lilies…

the embrace of wisteria…

snow dressed pines frolicking on the hills.

Each season, a blessing

to the delights of His presence

born on a brilliance

forever packaged in love.