About Marywhale

Mary Cantell is a writer who always wanted to follow in the footsteps of journalist Barbara Walters. When her third grade teacher told her parents she would never become a mathematician, she took the cue and adopted the self-fulfilling prophecy that led to pursuing a natural love of language.

Not wishing to leave her hometown of Philadelphia for NYC, she achieved a radio/TV career where she served as a broadcast reporter of traffic, news, weather, and sports throughout Philadelphia as well as New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. This led to voice over work for such clients as M.A.B. Paints, Disney’s Epcot Center, Bosch, and CVS Pharmacy.

After being laid off after sixteen years in the news biz, it was obviously a blessing to now have the opportunity to write full-time. Her fiction and non-fiction articles can be found in newspapers, magazines, church Sunday School literature, and is featured in several book anthologies, including Guideposts. Her debut novel, Her Glass Heart, is in its second edition. A second novel, Untying the Shadows, released in late June 2018. A third novel–another mystery with a thread of romance– Beyond the Roses-was published in December 2018. Currently, her latest manuscript, Hope Another Way, is inspirational fiction with a unique twist, contracted for release in Feb 2022.

Meeting a grey whale up close and personal in the wild in the waters of Baja has been her fondest vacation moment.