Truth, justice, and Jesus

In a world slowly devolving into more social unrest, where the secular powers-that-be continue to strive against everything godly, and while evil prevails around every corner—calamities, war, death, destruction, mayhem—it’s hard to find anything good in the news. But take heart. When the world looks bleak, keep in mind there’s a news story that rarely makes the front pages. It’s not the political Great Reset; it’s the news of Jesus, our Lord, who is coming back to earth one day to establish the Greatest Reset.

In the meantime, God’s word encourages us to keep our eyes focused on Jesus and to be prepared for his return like in the parable of the ten virgins. Half of them carried enough oil to keep their lamps aflame while waiting for their bridegroom. Sadly, the others did not, and their lamps burned out, preventing them from entering into the marriage feast. Why weren’t they prepared? They all knew he was coming, yet only a few of them were ready.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus and keep yourself focused there. Don’t be swayed by every wind of doctrine nor worry about what mere man can do here on earth. Be like the virgins who kept their lamps glowing—ready and waiting for their bridegroom.

When you focus on the beauty of Jesus—his truth, compassion, love, and—everything else will pale by comparison. When hope wanes under the cares of this world, remember that as believers, we are the bride of Christ. Know that Jesus is there to love us far better than the world ever can.