Goodness overload

 We are all blessed by what our Creator lends us for life on this planet every day. He brings the sunlight, provides our food for harvesting, and His word tells us that the rain, too, falls on the just as well as the unjust.

Take a look at the natural beauty of the sky, a flower, or a butterfly, and marvel at the handiwork of our Lord. If he can be concerned for such things, how much more for you?

The magnificent works of the Lord are above and beyond amazing. Can mere words do them justice?  How can we measure the goodness of the Lord? Is there a measuring rod or scale big enough? With the rich abundance of all he supplies, it would take an eternity to count the blessings God bestows.

Every time the earth rotates around the sun, there is a new dawn and new opportunities to praise and worship Him, our maker.

We’re not here to serve ourselves, and our plans and purposes should reflect what God would have us do. Mostly, it is to serve and love one another, share the gospel, and shine His light. For as God has given us life more abundantly, we need to share the good news with others.

The goodness of God is infinitely more wonderful than we will ever be able to comprehend ~ A.W. Tozer