Happy Birthday, America!

When it comes to our beloved nation, America, there’s a few important things to remember:

In the words of Ronald Reagan, ” In America, WE THE PEOPLE, tell the government what to do. It doesn’t tell us. WE THE PEOPLE are the driver; the government is the car, and we decide where it should go and by what route and how fast.. Almost all the world’s constitutions are documents in which governments tell the people what their privileges are. Our Constitution is a document in which WE THE PEOPLE tell the government what it is allowed to do. WE THE PEOPLE are free!

When we consider all that went into the founding of our nation—the struggles, the hardships—the historical events are incredible. The separation from a tyrannical British king to gain freedom didn’t come easy. But are we truly free in America?

In the USA, we have freedoms other countries only dream about. However, in our nation today, many citizens are still enslaved. The evil master who ensnares many is way wiser than any tyrannical king and even more menacing.

It’s easy to be led away by carnal devices and become entangled in sin. Though the Holy Spirit of our living God gives believers the power to overcome sin, we alone make the choice of which master we will serve. We cannot serve both God and mammon. We may be free in this land, but we are only truly free when Jesus is on the throne of our lives.

Sadly, there are some who have no interest in protecting our rights set forth in our Constitution, including our religious freedom. They have spent decades chipping away at our rights and will continue to do so until they control everything we do, say, think, and believe. What do you think the “political correctness” agenda is all about?

But thanks be to the one who is over and above the fray of tyrannical men in high places and to whom all believers worship and serve. Thanks be to God for the freedom He gives us through his Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus.

“If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free” ~ John 8:31-32

Happy 245th birthday to the greatest nation on God’s earth. Until he takes us home, we praise God for the land where freedom rings.