One in Christ

With all of the focus on diversity, it’s interesting to note that God is not concerned with such things. He doesn’t notice race, color, or gender. These statistics don’t matter as the Lord’s focus is on the heart.

We have fellowship with him as our Father, and that makes us collectively all brothers and sisters in the Lord. We comprise the body of Christ. Some may feel like they’re just the big toe, but in a body, the toe has a huge function!

As Christians, we are called to love one another. Although we all have shortcomings, we’re to make every effort to love in spite of our predilections and peculiarities. We need to preserve the unity of the spirit at all costs. Why? Because we are united as one—in Christ.

Maintaining a bond of peace is not always easy, but the power of the Holy Spirit gives us the strength. May we always remember:

There is but one Lord, one faith, and one baptism ~ Ephesians 4:5

             Also, there is one hope that we all share. Truly, everything rests in Him.