A gracious helper

Sheep are soft and cuddly but not too bright. Without a shepherd’s guidance or a sturdy fence, a flock of sheep can easily roam right out of the pasture and end up falling off a cliff. People are sometimes referred to as sheep. Though for the saved, we have a personal 24-hour shepherd who holds us in the palm of his hand—no fence required.

I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me, just as the Father knows me and I know the Father ~ John 10:14-15.

 Like a sheep, we know the Lord’s voice when we hear it. Whether it’s that still, small prompting or a verse from the Bible, God speaks to our hearts. As we know him better, we tend to trust and follow him more. We recognize when he’s talking to us because we’re open to his instruction and our ears are tuned to Him.

A believer should be forever grateful to be part of the Lord’s flock because of the great shepherd, the Rock of Ages, who guides us. Though we may need prodding, to be one of the Lord’s sheep is the most gratifying places to find oneself.

We were once like sheep who went astray, but the Lord saw fit to call us by name into his sheepfold where we will remain safe throughout eternity. Surely, he’s our help in all of life’s situations.