Hearts, prayers, and thanksgiving

The commands instructed by Apostle Paul regarding a believer’s conduct seem stringent. Pray without ceasing? In everything give thanks? Yes!

It’s an attitude of having our minds attenuated to things above and not necessarily on what we see below. Our circumstances do not dictate our mind; our mind dictates our attitudes.

We are able to rejoice always and remain content in all things by knowing we have God’s grace and His strength to draw upon…a quiet praise that transcends our circumstances.

We can pray without ceasing in that we present our lives and focus in the direction of God, repeatedly and consistently bringing our hearts before him. We’re not asked to don robes or kneel on our knees all day. It’s the position of our heart.

In everything, we give thanks when we fully trust that God is in charge and knows what he’s doing. From our earthly perspective, we may not see the pieces fitting together, but from heaven, the picture is all too clear.

Yes, rejoice, pray, and give thanks—always and in everything. It is our spiritual service toward a gracious and loving God as he molds us daily into the image of his Son.