A shepherd’s love

One of the most beloved and well-known passages in all of the Bible is found in the book of Psalms. In Psalm 23, the pastoral images of green pastures and still waters bring peace and contentment to the psalmist, David, and to every believer who reads the comforting words.

The Lord as our Good Shepherd is a timeless metaphor that speaks of his people as sheep who often go astray but can still hear the shepherd’s voice and know it well. The shepherd’s love for his sheep goes beyond the realm of understanding that one could be so indebted to such a lowly animal.

In the famous psalm, David establishes the providence of our Lord’s divine care, guidance, refreshment and security both now and through eternity. To rest in green pastures…led by the still waters as the Lord restores our souls is our joy and such a far cry from the stagnant pools and boisterous crashing waves of life.

Even through our most trying of hours, he’s there through the shadow of death and every storm of life, knowing our frames are weak. He directs us with his rod of discipline and staff of support as we lean on him in everything. To comprehend that his love will carry us into eternity is utterly unfathomable, and we need to share this precious news with the world.