How wise is your wisdom?

There’s a lot of talk in the world but not enough wisdom. Plenty of humanistic philosophy, folklore, skewed rhetoric, and plain lies. If what you’re hearing it isn’t Godly, it’s false, a fake, a knock-off… because man-made philosophies are only man’s wisdom. Man is corruptible. Therefore, take it for what it is.

Sometimes, wisdom masquerades as truth, but inside there is a core of falsehood. A little stone or pebble coated in milk chocolate is not a peanut M&M; it could break your teeth. We need to be cognizant of the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” because the devil always seeks to deceive us. Though, if we are one step ahead of him by being steeped in the knowledge of God, it’s easier to spot the deception.

If one were to compare a one-dollar bill to a counterfeit bill, it might be difficult to discern the difference. However, if one has studied the true dollar bill in all of its context and nuance, it would be quite easy to spot the fake knock-off because you’d recognize the real thing, having been so intimately acquainted with it. So, it is with the Lord.

Free will shapes our lives in the choices we make. We grow toward maturity when our choices intersect with God, for in him is true wisdom.