Got life?

Sin is a horrible thing. Both in life and even death, the results of sin will have an immeasurable impact on our lives for we reap what we sow. When an unrepentant man dies, he dies under the weight of his own sin. Who can pardon one’s own accursedness? Certainly, not that man.

But Jesus took all that away. His trip to the cross on our behalf paved the way to life everlasting. Rest assured, when a believer dies, his soul does not decay through death; it remains untarnished. It’s alive—shiny and bright—in the presence of our Redeemer.

 “There is now no condemnation for those who believe” ~ Romans 6:14

 All of God’s faithful, through the redeeming power of Christ, are united with him in life and also death. The first Adam brought death but Christ brought us life. By faith, we are united to Christ, and by his resurrection we are assured of our own. Through the sin of the first Adam, all men became mortal. Through Christ’s resurrection, we have been given immortality.  For us, death means we enter a glorious rest and a new life that is everlasting. Not by our own moral fortitude but through the grace of Messiah Jesus.