Different but equal

All men are created equally by our God. One only has to look at the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights to see that. There will always be racists. But they are ignorant, sad and misguided. One should not be defined by another’s prejudice.

This country has bent over backwards to bring equality to the people. They’ve been a little slow IMHO. Though, sadly, some conflate equal opportunity with equal OUTCOMES. That would be COMMUNISM. Having a better outcome–however you define better–requires personal responsibility here in America. It’s not something the government hands out.

There was a time when equal opportunity was not a factor for all citizens as we all know. That was abominable. But it is no longer. Actually, the scales have been tipped for a long time in favor of minorities. Also wrong. Meritocracy would serve us better as a nation.

One can keep this victimhood alive by promoting this kind of division but it only fuels the fire of racial divide, and the race baiting will continue to exploit and encourage the situation while some folks earn a living from it.

Is there racism in the world? Sure. But should anyone allow another’s ignorance to define them? Bound by injustice or oppression? That is where Jesus should enter the picture and, sadly, people would rather promoted their oppression rather than the healing that comes from Christ.

Bob Woodson of the Woodson Institute, a grassroots effort to bring about healing of races, clearly states that until people stop dividing the races, no healing will ever come about.