Social justice or God’s justice?

I hate bigotry and racism, yet for all America has been through in the past 250-plus years, it seems the country will never be able to cleanse itself completely from the stain of slavery. It’s as though we’re still wearing the cloak of its memory like a flag made of permanent press fabric.

While slavery is no longer a business practice in America–and what a bad one it was–for all of its egregiousness, some do not understand that it didn’t always involve white men as slave holders. Both black and white were owners of slaves as well as slaves themselves. While this arrangement is no longer, it also appears that some would have white people to be perpetually guilty over it.

African Americans suffer from the lack of access to avenues of wealth building some would say. Perhaps if the politicians who run the inner cities would have the integrity to not allow their soft bigotry of low expectations to prevail, maybe the underclass would stop their self-fulfilling prophecies of thinking they’re not smart enough even to scratch themselves without the help of government handouts and welfare checks.

Though inner cities have become haven of systemic racism, how is it that not all poor people are defined by it? How is it that people of every race, color, gender and creed are not all bound by racism? Does one’s choices have anything to do with our life’s direction?

In every generation there are grievances and struggles. It’s not a black vs. white thing. Jews, Irish, Italian, Polish, just about every nationality has been shunned and vilified. There will always be something to protest. But to think that anyone can change the heart of another man to become less racist or less bigoted is futile. Only God can change a foolish heart.

The founding documents of America plainly state that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL AND ARE ENDOWED BY THEIR CREATOR WITH CERTAIN UNALIENABLE RIGHTS; AMONG THEM ARE LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Why do some people allow others to have power over them if we’re all equal?

For all of the foibles of the original framers, who, like all of us, were fallible, their idea of happiness had a larger meaning than to be giddy and carefree. Happiness maintained a sense of morality and as the Bible states, blessed (happy is the translation in the original Greek text) is the man who seeks after God. Ergo, this is where one finds true happiness. They had it right.
What does God require of us but to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.. Until there is civil justice for the least of humanity–the unborn–the cries for civil rights sound like noise. If the voiceless creations of God in the womb–two cells equals life–cannot be heard, who of us can demand any other civility for our own lives? Aren’t we all created equally?