Whom do you exalt?

Do we light a candle to put it in the closet or hide it under the bed? No, we put it high and lifted up on a candlestick so the light may shine.

The word of God tells us to let our light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Oh, magnify the Lord with Me, and let us exalt His name together ~ Psalm 34:3

The psalmist, David, entreated the people to exalt the Lord together. In a trial while dealing with King Achish, David underwent a struggle for his life. Although, he made a weak defense of feigning insanity to escape from him, David was certain that the Lord was the cause for his deliverance.

Singing to the Lord, praying, praising, thanking, teaching, preaching, witnessing for Christ daily in our walks are all ways to magnify the Lord. Lifting up his name is the least we can do for the loving savior whose light lives within us. Why keep it under a bushel?