Looting of Souls in America

What’s happening this weekend on city streets in America has little or nothing to do with the death of a black man.  George Floyd was murdered in cold blood as we all saw through the horrific video. Soon people began to protest and spontaneous eruptions from disenchanted folks erupted all across the nation.  What may have started out in one city as a peaceful protest against police brutality, soon erupted into a chaotic frenzy in several cities. The protests, however, had little or nothing to do with George.

These demonstrations are always more than what they appear to be. History bears out the ginned up fanaticism that escalates well beyond the boundaries of mere picket protesting. Time and time again they’ve been hijacked by insidious agitators who are paid to come out every few years when a tragedy like the egregious death of a black man at the hands of a white cop happens. It makes the news because it feeds the narrative of racism. It fans the flames as the escalation of burning, looting, and pillaging plays out.

These looters don’t give a damn about George Floyd. This is a mass indictment of the poor, who are being exploited into thinking this is their “right” to “social justice” by lawlessness and pillaging. No, this is social injustice.

This evil unrest is always churning and chomping at the bit to ensnare weak and restless souls, the lost who have no foundation and no hope. and will continue to perpetuate until people see the value of their lives does not rest upon the approval of man but of their Creator. The only thing holding them down is themselves.