A New Year with Jesus

As the new year is upon us, let’s take our first steps of the year being fully clothed in Christ.

Even as we are sanctified, every day trials can get us off track, despite the Holy Spirit living inside. Our minds often race to quell the storms, and our tongue’s reactions to life’s situations can be fleshly and prideful.

In an effort to deal with what comes before us, the only thing that will steer us in the right direction and bring us peace is leaning on the everlasting arms. When confronted with tough times, God’s word tells us to be slow to speak and slow to anger because “man’s anger cannot accomplish the righteousness of God” ~ James 1:20.

When we put on Christ, we are renewed by and through the Holy Spirit. We have freedom now to be different from the world. Confronted with trouble? Pause. Take a deep breath and yield to the spirit inside with prayer…it goes a long way.

When we’re saved, our exterior doesn’t change much. Wrinkles don’t magically disappear and the hairs on our heads, most likely, are the same number as before. Inside is where the change occurs as the Lord lovingly re-grooms us.

Happy New Year!