A story of greatness

In ancient days, the passing down of stories and teaching about God were ordinances to be practiced faithfully. The oral traditions of the early Hebrews were something to keep their past alive. Adding to the tradition, acts of worship and praise were adopted through songs that preserved the tradition of both God and family. Through them, each generation kept the past ever-so-present to remind their families of the Lord’s protection and how far he took them to overcome their days of slavery and suffering.

As with anything great or special, we tend to want to promote it. If there’s anything noble or worthy of bragging about, it would be the Lord, Jesus Christ himself—the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who dethroned himself to become one with man for a time of 33 years and then died a gruesome death, so that man may have a bridge to the father once again.

That kind of love is worthy to be shouted from the mountains and rooftops. The honor that he deserves is beyond a mere nod of observance; it should be the first thing we think of upon arising and remain a steady, persistent thought all throughout the days of our lives.

May the spirit of the living God thrive in our hearts forever…until he comes again. Maranatha!