Waiting on God

Who likes to wait? In this stepped-up-pace of a world, it seems like everyone is rushed. With places to go and things to do, busy people often feel like they’re on auto pilot without an airplane. If you’re stuck in traffic or running late, it would be great to hitch a ride on the wings of an eagle and move ahead swiftly, wouldn’t it? But the Lord did not make man to fly…or did he?

It’s been said that an eagle soars upward toward the sun probably higher than any other bird. It often lives to an old age and, after shedding its feathers, grows new ones.

When we’re born again into a new life with Christ and the Holy Spirit now dwells within us, we are new creatures. Metaphorically, we’ve shed our old feathers and now bear new ones.

As we wait upon the Lord, it’s a precarious balance of trust and expectation. Though, by his word, we are assured that like the stately eagle, our strength will be renewed. We will rise toward His glory, and His grace and power will sustain us all the way to heaven.