Standing forever

The world as it exists today has a finality to it. God’s word assures us there will be a summing up of all things, and his return to earth is imminent. Praise God!

For the believer, this is great news. We hunger for his return and pray daily, Maranatha, Jesus, as we expectantly watch and wait for his coming. While we consider each day on earth a gift; still, our hearts are primed to be with him face-to-face.

With all of the worship of worldly things and materialism, we know that none of this will last into eternity. Not even our own bodies! As believers, our hope and assurance that we’ll receive a new body is based in biblical truth. We serve a risen savior and one day, we will be like Him. Our mortal bodies will give way to immortality.

Until the day arrives, take heart. Our hopes are built on the eternal wise God whose word is the foundation of truth. Everything that began with God’s word will also end with it, too. He is the Alpha and the Omega. His truth will carry us from here to eternity, and it’s the only foundation that will not crumble.

The grass withers; the flower fades, but the word of our God shall stand forever ~ Isaiah 40:8