Amazing love

To think about all that human beings love on earth—family, friends, pets—the list can go on. All of these things bring pleasure and we often love that which brings us joy. So, it’s hard to fathom why God loves us, despite the fact that we are a sinful human race that doesn’t necessarily love him back.

It’s a given we’re loved by the Lord. Though, the depth of that love, how do we measure? To fully comprehend how deep his love goes, we’d have to step out of time into eternity. While we’re on this side of heaven, we’ll just have to accept it and, literally, take his word for it!

When Jesus stepped from heaven to earth, he gave up himself for a while—set his power aside—to become our Emmanuel, “God with Us.” It’s the most humbling example of love there can possibly be. To leave his home, separate himself from his father on the cross, and to intercede for us in heaven is too wonderful to take in when one seriously dwells on it. Yet, dwell we should, every day that we have life and let the reality of it all sink in.

We may think we love our family, friends, pets, etc., but the love of Christ for all of humanity is in another league all together. That kind of love is divine. There’s no comparison. As the songwriter said, “Love so amazing, so divine, demands my heart, my soul, my all.”