Under his grace

Jesus, who came down from heaven to become flesh on earth, knows full well the temptations of man. Aware of our foibles and the pitfalls that so easily befall us, he can sympathize with our struggles.

The Word says that we don’t have to be afraid to ask or approach God’s throne. As believers, we don’t have to wonder whether we are deserving of his attention because we belong to Him. We are to come to the Lord as our Dad as often as necessary to receive the grace to win the victory. The Word says with boldness we are to come. That’s not arrogance but confidence.

While here, Jesus fought the snares of the devil at least three times in the book of Matthew, and when we fight with the devil, there’s nothing more powerful than speaking out loud the Word of God. To that, he is powerless.

Grace is a blend of God’s mercy—not receiving what we deserve—along with His love—receiving what we don’t deserve—together. His grace is abundant, refreshing, and all that we need to live a victorious life here on earth.