Let it shine…

God is the light of our salvation…the Father of Lights. As the Lord’s people, we are blessed to have the spirit of the living God—his light—dwelling in us. It’s an awesome gift and truly unfathomable that the creator of the universe wishes to tabernacle among his believers.

“In Him was life; and the life was the light of men” ~ John 1:4.

The Word tells us that we are to be both salt and light. What a privilege to be used to flavor and light the world with the essence of Christ shining through us. Lights are meant to dispel the darkness, and the purpose of God’s light is to reveal the truth. As Christians, it’s our responsibility to share what we’ve received from the Lord and not bury it. Our light should be like a beacon…to draw people to see the light of Jesus and to be drawn to him by our good works.

Anyone who has the faith in the power of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection can receive the light of Jesus. We need to spotlight this to the world. God, the Father, has prepared the way of salvation to come through His son. He’s chosen us through Christ to receive new life. This is the gospel that needs to shine.