Through His eyes

He’s made everything beautiful in His time
~ Ecclesiastes 3:11

The old time crooners got it right. In their song lyrics: “Everything is beautiful” and “It’s a wonderful world,” God truly made our world a beautiful place. We often view our surroundings through a biased eye and don’t really stop to inspect the beauty of God’s creation–nor the way he sees it.

To even glimpse what our Lord has made here on earth, one cannot deny the divine intelligence involved. To watch a bumblebee pollinate a flower, or a bird forage for a worm, or an ant colony preparing its food, there’s an order, a divine order in everything, and all for God’s purposes.

God created everything under the sun and made it beautiful in its season. He’s ordered the stars in the sky and the moon and planets to orbit upon his will. His creation exists as he saw fit to make it, and we who are in it have one purpose: to glorify Him and love our neighbor as ourselves.

Whether in adversity or prosperity, one way or the other, all things of God truly work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose ~ Romans 8:28.

One day, we’ll look back and see the tapestry the Lord has created in each of our lives. Like Joseph’s coat of many colors, his divine providence will reveal the picture that was there all the while, if only we had the perspective to fully understand and appreciate all that is Jesus.