Exalting the Name above Names

How does a believer magnify the Lord when he is already so large enough to be infinite? The psalmist, David, no doubt was expressing his humility in Psalm 34 in light of his feeble decision to feign insanity in the face of dealing with the treacherous King Achish. His choice may not have been ideal, yet he didn’t deny that it was the Lord who delivered him from his enemy.

In this verse, David entreats all of the people in his day to exalt with him. Being that David wore his humility outwardly, he must have realized that to magnify the Lord to any substantial degree would necessitate everyone’s praises and exultations together as he felt himself too lowly.

It’s only the humble of heart who desire to magnify the Lord, and there are a variety of ways we can lift up His name: Singing hymns, praying, praising, thanking, teaching, preaching His word, and witnessing of his greatness wherever we go.

If only the unbelieving and prideful would step down from their lofty pedestals to make room for Jesus, our world would be an entirely different place, and the humble believers would be the first to join with them in making the Lord’s name great in all the earth.