A Father’s Love

June is the month we celebrate our dear fathers. At least, that’s what Hallmark tells us.

It’s not easy to be a father. It’s an awesome task. Being a father is more than just being a daddy or having children. A father’s job is so much more.

It’s a tremendous undertaking to rear a child in the way to go. The task can be daunting, especially when a man does it in his own strength, or the way his own dad did it. Taking cues from your father may not be the best route. Many times, a father will fail.

There is no official instruction guide for fatherhood, no protocol to follow for each child has different needs to be met. Though the instruction book for life—the Bible—has everything one needs to accomplish any job. And what better example to follow than that of our heavenly Father who, by his grace, has given us more than we deserve. That is, not to spoil us, but to show us the riches of His glory.

If your own father was absent or less than fatherly, remember that you have another father, one whom you may not see–absent, again? No, no! He is very present, even more than if he were standing beside you. For he made you. Your hairs are numbered, and he sent his son to die for you. The love of this father–our Lord–is incomparable to any other.

That is why we should celebrate Father’s day every day. For our heavenly father deserves our continual worship. And for our earthly fathers, we are grateful for all you’ve done for us and hope that all fathers will seek their Father in heaven for the strength, wisdom, and courage to fulfill their earthly role.