The Lord is the maker of all

Every twenty-four hours as the earth rotates around the sun and the axis on which it tilts is held by His power, The Lord gives us another opportunity to arise and praise Him.

We’ve probably asked ourselves at some point in our lives: “What is our purpose here on this planet…why am I here?” The question of why God created us is an enigma—other than He wanted to—but our purpose is clear, and that is we’re not here to serve ourselves; our plans and purposes should reflect what God says to do—to love and serve one another and to glorify Him.

In Acts 20:35, the Word says, It is more blessed to give than to receive. As we’ve been given new lives in Christ, not to mention an eternal one, what little does it cost us today to live our lives as ambassadors for Christ? Doing everything in love so that our witness is kept pure. Are we fools to live sacrificially like this? The world lives for self-serving pleasure, but God’s children have a higher calling.

We’ve been given today to rejoice and be glad in Him. Like the psalmist says, “…and again, I say, Rejoice!”