America, the land of the free, is a concept our
founding fathers brought forth on this continent
that all men should be free from tyranny. They
acknowledged our Creator as God—the one who created
us all equally—thus paving the way for America to
become a nation of liberty and freedom.

Today, we honor the thousands of veterans, the
heroes who sacrificed so much for our country.
We thank and salute each one for their valiant
efforts to ensure the safe keeping of our land
and its liberty.

There’s also one other who made the ultimate sacrifice
so we can be free. Our savior, Jesus Christ. The price
he paid was the willing sacrifice of his own life in
the most excruciating manner. Not just the cruelty of
the cross but the beating, scourging, and mocking,
along with the weight of our sins. Because we sinned from
the beginning, Jesus came to take our place in death and
to bear all of our sin, so we can be free from its bondage.
Truly, we are only completely free in Jesus.

Consider the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus and
those of our Vets this Memorial Day and pray that
God will allow our nation to continue in the manner
the founding fathers designed.

Thank you, Lord, that we have liberty to worship
you in this great land because of the sacrificial efforts
of so many, the greatest being your Son.