Peace like a river…

Even on your bleakest day, the calming peace of Jesus can satisfy like no other. He leads us beside the still waters and restores our souls. His peace is like a river, and it flows as a fount of blessings to his faithful followers who put their trust fully in Him.

In difficult times of trial and trouble, the everlasting arms of Jesus—and He alone—is the only healing balm we need. He directs the course of great rivers, and by his power, the very atoms in the nails that pierced his flesh on the cross were held together by His mighty strength. If He created the world and all the cattle on a thousand hills belong to Him, what is your life’s situation that He cannot make good?

If God is for us, who can possibly be against us? That is, who can thwart God? Or, why is there a need to even worry about anything but our relationship with the Lord?