Mother’s Day

How blessed are we who have been nurtured by Godly women–our mothers. One who takes her responsibilities of raising her children under the guidance of her heavenly Father, who rises up to prepare them for the day with feeding, clothing, teaching, and caretaking…who honors the Lord in all she does and walks in a manner to please Him.

A mother’s love often extends beyond her own needs or concerns. Sacrificially, she’ll hold back from herself the last slice of bread if her child is still hungry, lend her only dollar, drive to the ends of the earth, or stay awake throughout the night, if necessary. She gives and gives until it’s time to give again.

Mothers are God’s special gift to this world. Today, all mothers—grand, foster, and surrogate—are being celebrated. You are a blessing to your children and they are blessed to call you Mother.

Next to Jesus, there is no other love like a mother’s. Whether here on earth or at home with the Lord, we remember you today and every day with our utmost love and appreciation.

                     Lucy and Lena Parisano, mom and grand mom