A new song

When Jesus defeated sin on the cross and death, as well, through his resurrection, he put a new song into the hearts of his disciples. As a victor, he became cause for celebration. As Christians celebrate this magnificent feat annually on Easter morning and in our hearts every day, it brings to every believer’s lips a song of rejoicing.

We often sing the well-known lyrics in the hymn by E.M. Bartlett:

“O victory in Jesus, my savior forever, he sought me and bought me with His redeeming blood. He loved me ‘ere I knew Him and all my love is due Him. He brought me to victory beneath the cleansing flood.”

When Jesus came to earth the first time, he came as a peaceful servant of his father. He came not to judge the world but to save it. When he comes again to reign and his brethren with him, he will come to judge like never before.

There’s victory in Jesus! He gave his life and he opened up eternity for all believers in Him to enter. Life is a battlefield, but rest assured, the battle belongs to the Lord—and it’s already been won.