Great is His faithfulness

God is great and God is good. How often we said those words in prayer before meals as a child. We recited them as a perfunctory duty at the instruction and leading of our parents. It was dinner time protocol. In rattling off the quick prayer, we hastened in an effort to soon pick up the fork! Though, later in life, those same words began to take on a real meaning as we grew more fully in Christ and came to understand more about him.

When the actual greatness of God becomes manifest, it’s jaw dropping to fathom just how great he is. His power is exemplified not only in his ability to keep the earth rotating on its axis, the sun shining, trees growing and flowers blooming, but his power extends to the atoms and molecules holding everything together, including the very nails that held his hands and feet to the cross!

His greatness is above our imaginations and his goodness is purer than the finest gemstone. To know him is to love him, and the more we know the Lord, the more we see his power working. Right now, we see merely a glimpse of his true glory. When we see him face-to-face, his greatness will be like nothing we’ve ever known or could ever fathom while here on earth.

Maranatha, Jesus!