Let it shine

The word tells us there are many spirits in the world and that we should be wary and test them. Some may even appear as a kind and lowly sheep. Don’t be fooled. Sometimes the sheep isn’t wearing wool but merely a wolf’s coat. There is but only one true spirit, and that is the spirit which resides in the hearts of the believers, God’s own children. The Holy Spirit.

As believers, we are indwelt by his loving spirit and it’s sufficient for everything we need to grow in the fullness and knowledge of the Lord as we sojourn here on earth. How honorable it should be to us to be a temple of the Living God!

While we’re here, the Holy Spirit is our source of all strength to love others as Christ first loved us and gave himself up for us on Calvary. When he departed back to heaven, he made a promise to give the believers a helper to guide them, and he has.

The world may think it strange that Christians are the manifestation of love in a place that doesn’t always love back. Love thine enemy? Bless those who curse you? Yes, these are the commandments for God’s family. We are able to do this through the power of God’s love working through us. It’s not our love, but His that flows through. It’s to be given away just as freely as it was given to us. It’s His love anyway, and to share it with others shows the living God in us. It may be the only glimpse of God they will see. Let it shine.