Sing a new song

By his mighty arm, the Lord brought out his people from the bondage they suffered in Egypt, and all the while upheld them through their 40-year journey in the wilderness. They endured much over the years in the desert, and with everything they went through… the distress, trials, and temptations, the Lord was right there to aid and guide them into the Promised Land of Canaan. He provided food, warmth, shade from the strong sun and more. To think their sandals never wore out!

It was the Lord and only he who could have given them the strength to conquer their enemies and bear their afflictions. It is the reason they made a joyful noise with trumpets, harps, and the psaltery at their special feast days.

Like Israel, we, too, have a covenant with God through our faith and belief in the work of his blessed son, Jesus. We’ve been brought out of bondage as well and now stand humbly in Christ as redeemed citizens of a Heavenly Kingdom that is both here in our hearts as well as its ultimate future fulfillment.

As we endure our own trials through the desert of our time on earth, may it be as it was then…that we make a joyful sound to the Lord by singing psalms, singing aloud, and making a joyful noise. The word, noise, connotes that we don’t even have to be singing in the right key! God is pleased to hear the noise that comes from a worshipful heart.