Who’s the greatest?

There are some who believe they have it all figured out. They suppose by doing good deeds or by simply attending church—by these they’ll be able to carve out their own way to heaven. On their own merits. The question to ask is:  Why did Jesus come to earth in the first place? What was the purpose of him sacrificing his life in such a cruel way?

In Moses’ day, the law was deemed to be the truth. Those that followed it were doing the right thing. But the law was unable to secure salvation. The sacrifices were only a temporary stop gap; they had to be repeated time and time again. That is, until the ultimate sacrifice was paid in the life and blood of the Savior.

The psalmist declares of Jesus, “Your law is the truth” and the word tells us he came to fulfill the Law. He is also the Incarnate Word of God and, therefore, the source of all truth.

Many times in the O.T., Jesus refers to himself as the I am. Exodus 3:6 states, “I am the God of Abraham…” In John 8:58, “Truly, truly…before Abraham was, I am.”

Jesus—prophet, priest, and King of Kings—is the great I am, and the only way to secure a heavenly future is through belief in him. Because he provided the way, and is the truth, and also overcame life, the future is secure for all who believe.