God’s way or the highway

Spiritual pride is the most dangerous kinds of pride. By it, many have swerved off course. A humble, thankful heart who seeks after God’s way is the sum and root of pure undefiled religion. When one is weak in spirit, this is the kind of heart that seeks God’s way, not his own. This is the kind of Christian that God can use to further his kingdom. This is the kind of person who will inherit riches in heaven.

Proud boasting, including the outward professing his name as though a badge of honor, is the root and sum of all hypocrisy. They say one thing and then do another–often calling someone else out for the exact thing they’re doing. But it’s okay for them, because their pride will not allow them to see their own self-righteousness.

When we make the wrong turn and follow our own script, or when we see the flashing lights that say temporal pleasure, this way! it’s a sure sign the road ahead has cavernous ruts in it, and we’re sure to be swallowed up in them.

Truly, the Lord is, “the way, the truth and the life.”  Keep your focus on God. He will never steer you wrong.