Unshakable faith

In the midst of a sin-filled world where evil never rests, there’s no greater joy than knowing the Lord is on the throne. Holding onto the rock of our salvation is the only fortress against the battles. When we cling to our Lord and Savior, there is nothing else to fear for we are in capable hands. What can mere man do to remove us from the arms of Jesus?  When the storms of life hit and when we feel helpless in the onslaught, keeping our faith strong in the Lord through meditation and prayer is our only defense. Our hope remains steadfast as we dwell in Him and his word.

In the Psalms, David waits upon the Lord and places his faith solely in the Lord to be his security and trusts in God through everything, including the face of his enemies. They come in all shapes—both visible and invisible—and these enemies are helpless to fulfill their objectives when God is at the helm.  God sees all and his arms are not too short to reach down and protect us.

To be silent before God and to wait on Him… to hear his still small voice is to empty ourselves of worldly chatter and disturbance. To allow our creator to take prominence in our hearts and minds, as we silence all of the noise, is a sure balm to our souls and the opportunity to witness His grace. In a world where so many man-made cure-alls are at our disposal, the first place we should run for help is to the beckoning arms of Jesus, our prescription for life.