21st century world

While we are all looking for the next big solution and want a mere man to solve all of the world’s problems, it can’t be done by man alone. This is a broken world. What we should focus on is on the one who CAN fix this. And that is Messiah Jesus who came to restore man to the Father God. Our hope should lie above, not in this world but in the One who created us in His image.

We can bark and scream at the situations that befall a sinful world (as well as towards each other) and, frankly, our word fights aren’t going to solve anything but divide us all further. We become shrill activists claiming to be above the fray when we, too, are imperfect and don’t do anything but point fingers and lay blame.

Putting our trust in man or leaders–these are all fallen people.
Donald Trump is a flawed man just like the rest of us. With all of his warts and shortcomings, he took on this job, neglecting to take a salary, and is doing his best with the advisers he has in his council. Please give him a chance. When he fails, ask God to give him wisdom. Our hope should be in the Lord. Perhaps then, we all wouldn’t be so unsettled about things.