A mother’s love

There’s something special about a mother, and today, Mother’s Day, we lift up our mothers in praise and gratitude for all they are and do. As we grow by the hand of a loving mother, we don’t always appreciate or even see the extent of her love. Little things often go unnoticed until the day arrives when we look back and the picture comes clearly into focus.

A mother’s love extends far and wide, often exceeding her own needs or concerns. Sacrificially, she’ll hold back from herself even the last morsel if her child is still hungry, lend her only dollar, drive to the ends of the earth, or stay awake through the night, if necessary. She’ll do almost anything for the welfare of her offspring.

There are no heights or depths to a mother’s compassion; her generosity knows no bounds. Day in, day out, she’s there through every up or down, good or bad thing to encourage and advise. Being a mother is a volunteer job that doesn’t start at eight o’clock and end at five. No time clocks to punch or paychecks to receive. Her responsibilities are 24/7. She gives and gives until it’s time to give again.

Today, all mothers, including our grand, foster, and surrogate moms are being celebrated. You are a blessing to your children and they are blessed to call you Mother. You are God’s special gift to this world. Next to Jesus, there is no other love like a mother’s. Whether here on earth or at home with the Lord, we remember you today and every day with our love and utmost thanks.

My mother and grandmother.