Where is your rudder pointed?

The human tongue is powerful. It’s likened metaphorically to several things including a sword or a ship’s rudder. Able to bless and curse at the same time. Even for the Christian, it’s sometimes difficult to curb what flows from this tiny appendage. If we could control our tongues, we’d be able to control our entire bodies according to the word in the book of James. Oftentimes, in the flesh, we fail.

Those who belong to God have been given another kind of strength that surpasses our flesh. It’s the Holy Spirit. We as believers should always remember we are standing upon a rock, and we need to abide in Him for our strength both in word and in deed.

To meet the hazards of our daily lives, we need to “put on Christ” daily. To love Christ is to emulate him through humility of thought, word, and deed as proof of our love. Sometimes it means sacrificing our own way in order to serve the Master.