Global warming is chilling…

To think that man is capable of ruining the earth is pompous.  Global warming is the new reality to some. Really? I thought the earth has been experiencing the ups and downs of temperature change since time began.

While we need to be good stewards of our land, the mindset that we suffer from some kind of catastrophe in the making is ludicrous. God is in control of our planet–nothing man can do will change that.

The greatest hoax to come to America by the likes of the few elitists who wish to make money and instill fear in people is this chatter about global warming. The scare mongering they’ve engendered has stirred up the masses to a frothy brew of ignorant name calling and useless fervor.

I believe people are concerned more with God’s creation than God himself. The Lord God, whom we just celebrated this Christmas, will take down this whole planet one day and it will no longer be. Imagine that. I would be more concerned about the price we will pay if we do not put our faith and trust in the almighty, the CREATOR. The rest is talk and speculation.