Wounded? There’s an AP for that

Witnessing people who continue to harp and bemoan their struggles while crying racism, unfairness, etc., on Facebook is more than sad. Souls desperate for validation and looking everywhere for something to bind their wounds and heal their hearts. Daily, the onslaught of memes and posts and articles talking about the social issues/trials/inequality or discrimination…questioning if their lives matter through protests, chants, and marching. All in keeping time with the drumbeat of futility and loss of hope.

It appears everyone has a struggle to some degree but some choose to announce theirs. I say, if you’re looking to the world to assure your worth, value or joy or if you’re looking to man to assuage your distress, you won’t find it.

There’s unfairness everywhere. No one has cornered the market on that. The deeper the pain, the more there is to give over to the ONE source of hope and joy. It’s Jesus.

Remaining in the struggle as a way to blame everyone else for your lot in life is a waste of precious time. Why not cling to Jesus? He’s overcome the world.