Be steadfast

Do your efforts sometimes fail to miss the mark of your objectives? Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels like a lab rat? Do you think that sometimes little is shown by your efforts or that no one is blessed by them? We’ve all been there.

Yet the Lord’s word declares to us that while wholly serving God, there is nothing lacking or missing. When we are committed to doing his will, the labor from a pure heart is never in vain. Should our expectations fall flat, we need to remember that it’s all for Him. All that’s done for the Lord is what counts—whatever the perceived outcome. It’s not about recognition or numbers.

The world, even the church, is keen on keeping track of things. We count the number of new converts among us… we record the number of new visitors on a given Sunday… we remember how well attended our church functions have been and keep tally from year-to-year. Nothing is wrong with keeping score. Though it should not be the benchmark by way to measure success.

There are many big-name churches with large followings and lots of bells and whistles that draw people into attending. They offer multiple programs, expanded state-of-the-art facilities, and continental breakfasts. Do you think God is any more pleased with that body of believers over the small, humble church? We’re all a part of Christ’s body of believers, and in a world full of busy mega-churches, still God looks no further than our individual hearts.

While our work for the Lord is to win souls for Christ and to encourage one another to love and good deeds, we may find our spirits frayed. But this is just a distraction. God’s purpose in our labors is accomplished whether we understand it or not. Our effort to spread the gospel or minister to others is not lost on the Lord. His plans and purposes are fulfilled in the very least of us. The weight of glory that awaits us in heaven is worth everything we do for the Lord today.