The end of America?

So what is going on? Some wonder if the end of the world is coming by what is happening in America lately.  Don’t be surprised.

The Bible’s view of end times worldliness is explained in less than glowing terms… “wars and rumors of wars, lawlessness, children’s disobedience to parents, being lovers of selves and eschewing God…” While these end time signs have been here for a long time, there is no mistaking the escalation of a lawless society. God says these are only the beginning of the “birth pangs.” He says these things must come.

While we watch rallies and marches for those in the struggle of their  civil rights choosing–whether it’s racial, gender related, sexual orientation, or women’s rights–there’s always a struggle, right? The stain of slavery now affords everyone the opportunity to cry for their own “civil” rights. Though what takes place is no longer civil. The mayhem that ensues is turning  into war.

While America values free speech in our Constitution, there are those who wish to shut it down. While progressive liberal political correctness  has allowed this censorship to thrive while calling out truth as hate speech, our society is slowly giving rise to something that America has never stood for.  Progressivism.

Progressivism is on the march, and, so far, America is the last holdout. A globalist’s dream of a new world order dominated by a few elitists is what is driving this movement where the government grows to be in charge of everything in our lives. This is called socialism. President Trump is the last stop gap measure to preventing this, and that is why he is hated. It’s not his tweets or his hair or his disdain for what he feels is fake news. It’s not his money or his uncensored tongue. It’s his policies to keep America alive. His leadership is getting in the way. So is the U.S. Constitution.

There are enemies of America who are doing everything they can to undermine his efforts. They used to be hidden, like wolves in sheep’s clothing. Now they are seen for who they truly are. They want America to die by a thousand cuts. They are the enemies from within. Scary, right?

Don’t be frightened. God is still on the throne. He’s still got his eye on America and if his people will turn to him, change will come. For now, all those who walk with the Lord can continue to pray that souls will come to him. May they see that this world can offer them nothing. All of what they’re looking for… their civil rights and more… can be found in Jesus.