Speaking of Art

The Arts are essential.

An education in the Arts is necessary to the fundamental growth of human beings and the human spirit. Encouraging children and students to participate in the Arts fosters an appreciation for humanity, our place in the world, and our culture.

It’s been documented that students who are involved in the Arts in school become more well-rounded individuals. The Arts engage and expand a child’s mind, allowing for an open and expanded outlook on life and one’s relationship to others and the world. Without the Arts, life wouldn’t be what it is today.

While the Arts are important on several levels, it’s not necessarily something in which the US government needs to have a hand. In the past, the government has funded much of the Arts; however, with our new leadership, there are programs that will need to be eliminated in an effort to reign in spending. Our federal deficit is astronomical and there’s going to be some pain involved when the coffers shrink. The Arts is one of those programs.

While no one wants to see the Arts go by the wayside in schools, it’s time to re-think how the funding is to be supplied in an effort to continue the benefits to future generations. Perhaps those who benefit the most from the Arts; i.e., Hollywood and others, could help sustain this vital discipline through their own contributions instead of having the government supply our every need.

The government has been Mommy for too long.

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