Explain thyself…

A recent online conversation with someone who doesn’t believe in God led to an amicable debate. The lady who says she doesn’t need a savior and is willing to stand or fall on her own saddens me. The reply she elicited from me was the following: To not acknowledge God and your place in the world by virtue of his creating you and to assume that you can do things without him is the epitome of self-righteous. You claim to be able to help people around you. How do you assume you are helping them? By what standard are you basing your goodness? If the answer is YOU, then I see that as being self-righteous.

When I acknowledge God, I use his standards, not mine. There is no putting down of other people.  We are ALL under God. We are ALL sinners. If you don’t think you are a sinner or one who needs God, it is you who is putting yourself ABOVE others… not to mention ignoring why Jesus came to earth in the first place. You’re calling him frivolous, unnecessary, just like the Pharisees did.

I’m sorry that people haven’t put their faith in the Messiah. He can run our lives “exceedingly above all that we can ask or think.” Praise God!