There have been Facebook memes going around every once in a while whose purpose is to point a finger at Christians for not having more compassion for the foreigners who wish to come to America.

While U.S. president after president has imposed limits on the import of immigrants for whatever plans and purposes he wishes, the quotas set forth lately have been met with opposition.

Some would cry, racist, bigot, hater… Really? Is this the motivation for the U.S. government… to be racist? I don’t think so.

These same individuals who have nothing better to do with their time than to denounce presidential mandates are the same ones who take a quote out of scripture and use it as a cudgel to beat Christians over the head (Leviticus 19:33-34). In this verse, Moses says to Israel that as they were once immigrants to a foreign land, in the same way, they are to love them and not mistreat them.

But some would use this one verse, taken out of context, to judge Christians. These no-pretext-no-context-loving gospel spewers think they can have an “ah hah” moment by the means of calling out Christians as being hypocritical.

What these people don’t take into account is that the foreigners Moses was referring to in Leviticus had to acquiesce to rules for being a part of the society and culture of the land into which they were going. They were made to conform to these as mandated and thus made to assimilate into the Jewish culture.

Ask Dearborn, Michigan how that assimilation is going here in America after the city has been mandated to import thousands of Muslims who adhere to Sharia law.

As a Christian, I am absolutely obliged to kindly treat ALL people with compassion. This has little or nothing to do with immigration and speaks to a bigger political picture where scripture is being used as a weapon to meet a cultural end.