New Year

images5New Year’s Eve used to bring such excitement to me as a kid. I’d be allowed to stay up until midnight at which time the celebration came to a climax and then, minutes later, everything settled into just another day.

All of that fervor, excitement and hopefulness the New Year celebration brought! The anticipation had been building all day and into the night, but when the pot banging and fireworks ended, I felt let down. Is that all there is?

Every year, the same thing. It soon got old for me. Eventually, I became so disillusioned at the holiday season.

From that day on, I’ve maintained a sober spirit about New Year’s eve. And the subsequent new year as well. Sadly, I sound like a wet blanket, I know but for me, it keeps me sane. In reality, the day after December 31st is just another day.

On the bright side of New Years’ eve, I look at the day after as one day closer to the Lord coming back. For that alone, I rejoice that the new year is here!

Happy New Year everyone!