Let it snow…


Another winter upon us.

Some dread the cold season while others make their living from the snowfall.

The winter season brings with it so many memories:  the Volkswagen I saw from my childhood bedroom window that had been completely immersed in six feet or more of snow… sledding down inclines that today I’d have to think twice about… driving home on a snow emergency route just before the governor  declared the road shut down. (I was the only one on the roadway and had my pick of lanes, so I drove straight down the middle.)

I’ve danced in the snow… shoveled the snow… and watched it fall from the warm confines of a fireplace while sipping hot chocolate. I don’t recall ever creating a snowman in the snow, although I must have, right? While in school, my boyfriend-turned-husband made a snow alligator. He is not a conformist by any stretch.

While I’m not so sentimental that I look forward to a white Christmas–that’s for the Hallmark Family. Nor am I particularly looking forward to celebrating Christmas just on December 25th. For me, that would be anti-climatic, since I celebrate the birth of  Messiah Jesus every day of the year.

I rejoice with you all that the reason for the season is all about Him. May your hearts embrace Him this season and throughout the year.