Stay focused

How comforting to know that the Lord is on the throne.

When I’d first heard that statement, I had to process it. It had come from someone at my church who’d been looking for a job and things didn’t look bright–at least, not from the world’s perspective. I’d felt so sorry for him, and while he kept studying for a test to allow him the opportunity to apply for a particular position, he kept flunking. Sometimes by just a few points. At one point at church, he said, “It’s okay… God’s still on the throne.”

He had such peace about it. While I was “fretting” for him, he seemed perfectly content.

God is still on the throne. He always is and was and will be… How comforting to know that His word is true, and while on the throne, we as believers are in His grace. All we need to remember is to keep our eyes on Jesus, and He will give us peace–not as the world does. It’s deeper and more abiding than anything the word can offer.

May God strengthen your walk with Him as you receive His peace on your journey today.